CAT Modular Homogenizer Drive Units

* 5 Drive Motors To Select From * Wide Variety of Rotor-Stator Generator Assemblies * Ability To Process A Wide Range of Materials
* Variable Speed Control * Various Weight, Power, and Speed Specifications * Liquid-Crystal Speed Displays * Air-Driven Units Available


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Vol: 0.1ml-1l | RPM: 15000-35000 | Watts: 125

Vol: 0.1ml-2l | RPM: 45000 | Watts: 350

Vol: 0.1ml-2l | RPM: 4000-33000 | Watts: 1000

Vol: 0.1ml-2l | RPM: 4000-33000 | Watts: 1000

Vol: 500ml-20l | RPM: 2500-23000 | Watts: 1700

Vol: 5,000 l | RPM: 2,500-23,000 | Watts: 1700

Vol: 2,000 - 3,000 Liters an Hour

Vol: 0.1ml - 5l | RPM: 28,000 | Watts: 370

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CAT Scientific offers a range of 5 homogenizer drive motors and a range of rotor-stator generator assemblies (shafts, rotors, stators) to meet your needs for processing a wide range of materials in the laboratory. Our models include variable speed control, various weight, power, and speed specifications, liquid-crystal speed displays, and air-driven units. The homogenizer drives can be purchased with or without the stands and clamping assemblies, depending on your laboratory needs. Select one of the homogenizer models to see descriptions, specifications, and to download the operation manuals. For assistance in selecting the right homogenizer drive and rotor-stator assembly for your application, please print the Homogenizer Questionnaire and fax it so us. We'll have our experts review it and make a recommendation.


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