Testimonials for CAT Scientific Laboratory Equipment

At CAT Scientific, we strive to deliver a high level of service and laboratory equipment to our customers. We have a few customers that have sent us testimonials on our performance. Feel free to read through these to get a sense of our accomplishments.

As a small manufacturere and distributor of specialty sprays, gels, etc I’m kind of used to having equipment vendors put me on the back burner for “bigger fish.” No problem with that but it does get frustrating when you order parts, ingredients or lab equipment and end up waiting months for a reply.

So when my old homgenizer went down for the count I was dreading finding a new one. First of all what I do is make a small batch in my office lab and then farm the work out to bigger manufacturers once I sell the product. So I needed something small, not too expensive AND it had to work A LOT.

I placed my order with Steve from CAT Scientific and was very surprised by the level of service and attention to my company’s needs. The product arrived even earlier than he promised me and fits in the spot I had my old unit.
Couldn’t be happier.

Chris Hull
Wholesome Products

More Testimonials to come . . .