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CAT Scientific Overhead Stirrers

* High Power Output        * Fuzzylogic Control          * Soft Motor Start / Stop      * Over-Temperature Protection
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R50D Overhead Stirrer
R50D Overhead Stirrer
Vol: 100L | RPM: 1500 | 80 NCM
R80D-PC Overhead Stirrer
R80D-PC Overhead Stirrer
Vol: 150L | RPM: 700 80 NCM
R100C Overhead Stirrer
R100C Overhead Laboratory Stirrer
Vol: 200L | RPM: 2000 | 150 NCM

R100CT Overhead Stirrer

Vol: 200L | RPM: 500 | 600 NCM
R100S-D Overhead Stirrer

Vol: 200L | RPM: 2000 | 100 NCM
R20 Overhead Stirrer

Vol: 35L | RPM: 2000 | 20 NCM

Stirring Shaft Application
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CAT Scientific offers a range of 6 overhead stirrers to meet your laboratory needs.  In a range from the budget model to the higher end, these are of the same quality and performance as all of CAT’s laboratory equipment.  Browse the stirrers where we’ve tried to provide you with the specifications and details of each to simplify the process of purchasing your lab equipment.   If you have any questions regarding these models or the associated accessories, please send us your questions or just contact us.